project 52 | week 15 - yellow

Yellow is a bright color and is the most favorite color of my daughter. And it also happen to be a color of the week in our project 52. I didn't have to go far away to spot a nice yellow(ish) subject. During our trip to a newly discovered beautiful Lone Elk Park, tens of very curious water turtles approach us and let me take a few peeking portraits. With a significant yellow details ;)

12 days difference

The very same spot, but only 12 days later - and so naively hoping, that sun will be still in a highway proximity. No way! Miles away!! ;) As I've already mentioned in my original post, such a spectacular combination is available only twice a year!
Happy commuting.

Photo taken on 2nd of April 2012. As you can compare below, sun is rising really really far away of THE desired spot.

The very same location on 21st of March 2012.

project 52 | week 14 - circles

Week 14 is here - CIRCLE one. Last week I had a pleasure to meet again my friend from Death Valley - Jennifer Wu, she was presenting in St. Louis. And we had manage to have une petite rendez-vous in Missouri Botanical garden. To be very honest, we've spent more time chatting than shooting, but at least I kept my eyes opened for a circles around me. And this bamboo pipeline with a juicy background just got my attention!

Happy Easter everyone!