love at lake's shore (fall is all around us)

Like all my fellow photographer friends, I couldn't resisted to go out and shoot ALL THE COLORS of this beautiful fall. Obviously, my chosen spot was romantic enough to attract those teenagers, deeply looking into each other eyes for a long time. 

They were so involved in their agenda, they didn't notice myself aiming at them with my tele-zoom at all. Anyway, thank you for being patience models, and if you by any chance recognize yourself,  let me know! Would love to give you a credit! ;)
PS: Nice example how to bring a scale into a picture, right?

broken car

Reflection reflection reflection. A loooooot of reflection! And zero Photoshoping.

All you need is a car - and a reflective material o course. In my case, all that was available at my location found last weekend. That building is soooo nice and so easy to take pictures in it...

project 52 | week 25 - architecture

Still can't get enough of this photogenic, shiny building I have found over the weekend. This I believe clearly falls under "architecture", right?

project 52 | week 41 - colors

As promised - a bit more pictures taken at the location of this very photogenic building I have found over the weekend. This impressionistic-ish, "aquarelle" picture has NOT been created in Photoshop. Not at all, straight out of the camera, as you can see here.

It's just a simple reflection of the actually quite boring surroundings, reflected in this metallic siding of the building. Below you can see behind the scene shots and how the building looks like. And before you will scroll down - try to guess what is this big PINK spot? Answer is inside the article...

project 52 | week 34 - autoportrait

Truth is I am a slightly behind with my project 52, but when I have something good to post, I can't miss the opportunity. Yes, this is an auto portrait, and IT IS me. And no, there IS NO post-production involved, no "punching plugin" has been applied. I've met a fantastic building, where I have spent 2 hours shooting its very special reflective,  metallic, punching sidings. Obviously, security guy with a German shepard got suspicious  (after two hours!), so I had to leave the premises. Anyway, a WHOLE more to come...