swatch detail (with pringles softbox)

In my previous post I have shared how to create a simple and very effective and versatile softbox with the empty pringles tin. Below you can find a close up picture taken with the help of this softbox.
As I have found WITH and WITHOUT the softbox picture remarkably different, I wanted to share the result with you as well. The first shot is obviously taken under the pringles softbox. You can see in the top right quadrant white shape of the long light source. I love the effect, which adds third dimension, adds "liquidity". Overall lightning is evenly distributed.
Nikon D-800, f/11, 1/200 sec, ISO 100. Nikkor 105mm micro. 
Remotely fired flash Nikon SB-900 (with pringles tube) on 1/4 of the power.

DIY mini softbox with Pringles

Let me clear this out right at the beginning - this came as an inspiration from And after the "aha moment" I had to try it on my own! So while playing and creating my own Pringles softbox, I have decided to share my version and mainly my pictures - which I found pretty awesome ;). Taking into a consideration what a simple lightning set up has been used.

So what can you get? Pretty cool "softbox", which can direct your nicely diffused light to a very narrow beam. It will utilize your own electronic flash (Nikon SB-900 in my case). And it will cost you almost nothing. Well, 3 bucks for a tin of Pringles, but those will be eaten by your family members anyway! ;)

What you will need:
  • tin of Pringles (no, it really doesn't matter what flavors)
  • duck tape
  • white fabric (old pillow cover, in my case)
  • sharp knife
  • your electronic flash

Cut out rectangular shape on the Pringles tin. Please be careful with a knife! Size is apx. 3 cm (1 inch) wide and will go almost through the full tin. Keep a bit a space on the side, so you can stretch fabric around it and the tin will still hold the structure.
Below you can see the aproximate size of the final cut.

Next step is to fit your flash into it. This is a bit tricky part. Every flash has a different size of the head. My LumoPro flash wasn't able to fit it into a tube. Nikon SB-900 went inside, even very, very tight.

Red beauty

This picture follows my previous post. Extremely simple composition and well... easy lightning set up with one light source only. Picture taken in the middle of our kitchen, hmmmm, excuse me, I mean our studio. And believe or not, is still has something to do with Pringles!

So here's the set up itself, or so called "behind the scenes" picture, where you can see, that for the lightning I have utilized my new softbox, made of... well, Pringles tin! You can find the step by step guideline how to build your own here.

Foggy, foggy, foggy

It was almost scary to watch today afternoon fog surrounding us. It literally came within a minutes! And also created a magic hat above one of the nearby mountain. Obviously, perfect timing, sunset and golden light helped a lot...

And BTW, here's a shot of the fog itself, approaching us in the middle of the tiny countryside road. Those tree and house shapes had disappeared literally in within a 10 minutes! I have to admit it was an experience I never had before. Kudos to all landscape photographers...

© 2013 monika and patrik banas

christmas angel (and pringles?!)

What those two things have in common?!? Well, you will discover soon. Pretty neat! Stay tuned ;)
Meanwhile, have a beautiful pre-Christmas time and lit up some candle too...

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