flash ...off the camera!

While roaming in Seoul's old part of town I've found this interesting pattern - bunch of wooden sticks. Initial frame just simply filled with sticks was pretty OK, but I've tried to find a way how to make it a bit more appealing. And here's the final one, using two simple - but very effective techniques.

korean backlight

Back in Korea in May I have been playing a bit with my flash, especially when used off the camera.
I was the most curious to use it as a backlight with an orange gel to simulate sunset (or sunrise if you want).
After a several trials with my fellow friend and "two legs voice activated assistant" Andrew I've identified one Korean teenager in front of the huge shopping mall, with a quite long and curly hair, to really let the backlighted flash effect stand out.


limited, but so colorful lights!

Yes, of course I'm talking about a very specific source of light - fireworks. Actually, there is not a better time and the place in a whole world then to be on 4th of July in US...

star trails (how did you do that?)

My trip to Death Valley was an exceptional one with a hundreds of fantastic shots I'm so proud of it. But one of all hundreds is a very specific and personal, as I've tried for the first ever star trail photo (and left my camera alone in the middle of nowhere for whole night!)
As I've received many "how did you do that?!", here's a short "how I did that" ;)
Môj výlet do Death Valley v Kalifornii bol úžasný a doniesol som si stamadiaľ stovky fotografií, na ktoré som vážne pyšný. Ale jedna z tej kopy je obzvlášť špecifická, nakoľko som si po prvýkrát vyskúšal fotenie nočného pohybu hviezd (v angličtine Star Trail photography) - a nechal svoj foťák celú noc len tak napospas uprostred púšte!
Keďže som dostal kopec dotazov "ako si to vlastne urobil?", tak tu je skrátený popis "ako som to urobil" ;)

women in black

Still processing pictures with my models. Tons of them, more to come.
This is a mini set called woman in black or how can you easily create two different persons, so unexpectedly with blond hair or bright green eyes respectively. Camera and lights are a beautiful magic things, you can create whoever you want...