I was visiting office building last Thursday and when I get off from its pretty unique stairs I have looked up and was amazed! Pretty nice, huh? I think I will get back to this place to take few more pictures...

morning traffic in verbier

What to do in a famous ski center Verbier when you do not ski? Set alarm for 5.45am, wake up staff at the reception to get out of the "chalet" and go out to capture this unbelievably curvy road to Verbier. Well, weather didn't cooperated as I hoped for (plan was to have much more snowy mountains in the background). But to my surprise, there was at least quite a traffic to get a car light trails.

golden surprise!

It got out of the egg. It is hiding behind the bushes and it glows with a golden color! What it could be?

Playing and utilizing set up and props Monika had for her Easter Spring collection (which I highly recommend to check out here!) As I currently love playing with my flashes, I brought two of them, connected them via PocketWizzards and set up an easy scene. One flash is lightning the scene in the front, actually bringing a bit of details and contrast to white eggs. And obviously, there is a second flash behind the grass, with a amber gel, imitating familiar "sunset" shot (which you can see for example here).

So, the question is - what is hidden behind the bushes? 

Have a fun with flashes and enjoy your spring time!