project 52 | week 12 - in the center (and/or at the edge)

A bit complicated theme this week. I was clueless for a while, when the inspiration came right in front of me. During our Sunday afternoon walk we happened to be right along the path of some motorbike parade. Hundreds (!) of bikes of all kinds, all honking and reving up the engines. Quite ugly background, so quick reaction was: do some panning! After a quick review on a display I knew I have the one for "in the center, or at the edge" ;)

project 52 | week 10 - ear (and eye)

This week it is a linguistic mystery, as the theme of the week is the Ear. Trouble is, that in my native language, sewing needle has an "ear", while in English it is a proverbial "Eye of the needle". So I am fulfilling theme only in one language ;) Unless the Eye theme will be selected again! ;)
Behind the scene shots inside the article...

© Patrik Banas, Nikon D800 with Macro 105mm lens and three additional Kenko extension tubes. f/40 @ 30sec, ISO 100.

project 52 | week 9 - guess what?

In this case it is more "guess how and where", as "what" itself is pretty easy to recognize. Would you guess how this picture has been taken and what is behind? Read inside to see the "behind the scene" shot and a bit of the background.
V tomto prípade ide skôr o "Hádaj ako a kde" namiesto "hádaj čo to je", nakoľko samotný objekt je celkom ľahko rozoznateľný. Uhádli by ste, ako bola táto fotografia nafotená a čo to vlastne je v pozadí? Viac info je vnútri článku vrátane záberu "spoza foťáku".

We went for a family walk around...

project 52 | week 8 - it's a man thing!

OK, being a man it should be quite easy to come up with an idea specific for MAN, right? Well, it took me a bit of time to think - and then I got it! I've laughed and start to think how to visualize it the best way... Disclaimer first - I swear I am not one of us, who keep it up all the time, even though it might happen here and there... ;) But, yes, I think we are quite notoriously known for not putting toilet seats down back... However, it might be also one of the stereotypical features.
So I had the visualization on my mind right from the beginning (especially when we had opened this week our Flash course) and the idea is, that we are probably scared to put toilet seat back down again, as there must be something scary with the toilet itself! It has definitely nothing to do with being lazy!!!

Two flash. One with blue gel - front lit with 1/4 power and second one with a red gel hidden in the toilet (! see behind the scenes below!) with 1/2 power. Camera set up: Nikon D800 with 24-70mm, f/5.6 at 1/200 sec. Happy toilet seating :D