after party

My beloved one, youngest one and the only boy has reached his first milestone. 
He has been invited to his first party!

It was a birthday party of his preschool mate Jacob, and group was wildly partying at Museum of Transportation. You cannot go wrong with 3 and 4 years old and a looooot of trains ;)
Leaving with a balloon (of course) and a goodies bag (thanks Jacob!) - I was so glad to have my point-and-shoot with me. Leica did a great job to capture this milestone, don't you think?

mower (e)motion

A plenty of leaves in the yard, high grass and not really in the raking/mowing mood?

Winning formula for fun afternoon includes camera with wide angle lens, tripod and "a hell a lot of duck tape" ;) Go straight, do a couple of S-curves, go slowly, go fast... Oh, and BTW, meanwhile don't forget to fire your shutter!
(nikon d-90, tokina 11-16mm with  polarizer to bring exposure 2 stops down,  f/14, 1/4 sec, ISO 200)

go low and go wide

You might know that not only photography, but also pets are my passion.
So my dream opportunity is to take a picture of pets, right? Right!

ghost in red

  So here I am, shooting at one beautiful castle, very intrigued by an old carriage. Cool shot with a nice background. Everything is OK. But then in the evening when I've dumped pictures from my memory card to a laptop - THERE SHE WAS! Abandoned, blood-thirsty lady, lost 2 centuries ago while hunting for a young and innocent men. She just popped up on my picture!
OK. OK, ok... Drama is over. ;) But the point is, that this picture is NOT a Photoshop multi-layer, hours intensive output. Again - believe or not - this is a direct shot, made in the camera. (I can say almost) without any editing, as the only post processing was a color correction to make the red dress really pop. But hey, that's it. Transparent, ghosty, "blood thirsty" duchess was exposed in old good, classical way... (more inside the article).

no post processing (aka FLW makes miracle)

Believe or not, but the picture below has not been edited at all. This is "from the camera" shot. No Photoshop, no editing, no playing with sliders of white balance and contrast, no HDR... I'm dead serious.

young clowns @ old square

When was the last time you've met a clown? Well, we were so lucky with Monika to meet a couple at 7am while walking in Prague ;) Now tell me something about unusual models at unusual places...
What a splash of colors!


And couple of more clowns you can find inside the article! Have a happy smiling day... ;-)