project 52 | week 21 - the beauty of the metal

Theme of the week 21 is the beauty of the metal. So to do it right I went to the small local "home depot" to buy the proper screws - I have visualize them in my head before the shoot, so I knew what I am looking for! Well, they had them, but about hundred of them cost around 100 bucks! But the shopper assistant Pierrette was kind enough to agree, that I can return them following day, when I shared my story, why I need them. So I have spent the night screwing around ;)
Set up was easy - bunch of screws, two flashes and small flashlight. All of them with the color gels and I got several different combinations - what a program for Friday night! And here are some of the final results. Definitely beauty of metal! (Behind the scenes shots at the bottom).PS: All picture were made in the camera, no photoshopping, just a minor contrast and color compensations in LR.

Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-70mm, Nikon SB900 with blue gel, f/22, 15sec, ISO 100. Shot in the dark, and after firing the flash, pointing with small LED flashlight with red gel in front of it (see behind the scenes shots at the end)

project 52 | week 17 - picture of somebody who is taking a picture

Back to my project 52. This is quite an interesting theme and quite an easy for me. Being quite often around Monika's session (and actually being her official backstage photographer) gives me a lot of opportunities to take a picture of somebody who is taking a picture. This one was particularly unique, as the photographer, was really "on the edge". Few more centimeters and she (and her camera!) would be in the pond. Well, thankfully, she kept her balanced and as a reward, she got a spectacular pictures on that nice Sunday morning.

PS: Second picture is not only showing...