panoramic athens

One more return to my rich Athens folder. At the top of the small rocky hill, right across Acropolis (when they've kicked out tourists after 5pm), I've spent about two hours. You know, as usual. Playing. With flash, without flash, wide angle, street zoom. And - with FLW filter I have taken this panoramic shot. Made out of 8 vertical shots, each taken at f/8 @ 10 seconds. Enjoy by clicking and opening a bigger size.

PS: and one more extra bonus - different place, different time. I personally like a lot strong line elements here. And I've just changed white balance to tungsten to pop up street lights.

athens in colors

My usual place to visit when in a new city is a flea market. Visiting Athens at the beg. of December (lovely 22°C!) - Monastiraki open market and surrounding areas were an obvious tip from my local insiders. At the first sight, place look a bit dark, but when you look closer - colors are everywhere!

heavy clouds above athens

Cloudy, with a chance of bankruptcy...
OK, I know, such a kind of cheap joke I should avoid. I should - but I couldn't resist! ;)
It was a lovely afternoon/evening. After the light shower - and before heavy rain. And I also got several glances of  beautiful sun rays....

project 52 | week 20 - in the kitchen (aka really BIG fork)

It is 8 meters high. And it is stuck right in the Geneva lake. It is a navigational point of nearby food museum - Alimentarium. I've always wanted to take a shot, but I wanted to avoid touristic chliché (as the one at the bottom :)
I had an idea for a while - obviously, now when we are finalizing new Flash course, it involves flash. Actually two of them. I've waited for the nice dusk sky color and aimed both my flashes (set at full power with red gel) at the fork. It took me a while to manage a proper direction and get the best reflection, as fork was about 15 meters away from me - but it was definitely a reward after two hours on a cold Friday evening. You gotta admit, that fork is definitely hard to miss now!

This is how the regular shot would look like prior the dusk - nice silhouette possibilities, but still not so dominant part of the picture as I wanted.

greece without processing (again, FLW filter makes miracles)

I'm spending weekend in Athens (21.5°C on 1st of December!That's kind of winter I can live with! ;).
As I do not have my comp, I wanted to share only two pictures, where NO post processing has been applied at all.
First one is again a prove of Bryan's well shared tip - FLW filter makes miracles with the sky, when shooting after the dusk (see my previous example here).

05 dec - picture updated, sensor speck removed. photograph is still untouched

And as I am finalizing our new Flash course - I am obviously playing a lot with flashes recently. In my view - a beauty of combining ambient and flash light source offers just vast opportunities! In the background - famous Acropolis (under heavy construction). Highlighted tree in front lit with radio controlled, off the camera located flash NIKON SB-900 with amber gel.
Again - no processing has been applied - this is a straight out of the camera shot.
View at Acropolis  from the nearby hill.