project 52 | week 19 - detail(s)

That's the closest distance those two fine gentleman let me in, so that's my best detail of theirs. Both shots taken at Grant's farm, STL.

project 52 | week 21 - black and white

Black and white theme in a bit unusual way. Pictures are in full color. It's just my models, who are BLACK AND WHITE! That's what I call quality time spent at the Farm. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Blade, Rodeo, Chill and Pancake!



project 52 | week 16 - street photography

How to effectively and enjoyably utilize the lunch break downtown in St. Louis? Bring your photo gear and go out for a short walk! :) Harsh, very sunny mid part of the day gave me the opportunity to try again my very very dark 10 f stops Neutral density filter. So in the middle of the day I was able to have my shutter opened for 30 sec and get so beautiful velvet/creamy look of white moving clouds. Is it "street-ish" enough?