high connections

As they say, good connections can get you really high. In my case, my very good connections (thanks Gene!) got me to a very unique place, through a very secret room and password protected access to the roof of 15th story high building in a downtown of St. Louis. What a panorama!

If you would expect a plain roof with a view everywhere, you would be surprised as myself. You can see at the bottom of this article, there is actually another 2 story high wall, and you really have to make an effort (and stay in a very uncomfortable position for more than an hour!) to get THE view. But as usual in such situations, it was worth it, would you agree?

This panorama I would recommend to click through and enjoy in a full view. And are you also one of those out of St. Louis asking, what is so beautiful about bunch of skyscrapers, ugly industrial zone and a highway going through?

Well, I would agree, not really "the most inspiring downtown", as I always say. But all those FROM St. Louis would tell you that two major landmarks at the picture above make the difference. The Arch and home of the recent World champions (world? really?! ;), Cardinal's Busch stadium.


And few others, meant more for a documentation purpose and enriching my "high connection" story.

At the first picture this "red something" on the right side is actually an iconic checkerboard logo - as seen on the second picture with a building itself in its full beauty, surrounded by the lakes and parks. Looks like a pretty neat place to work, huh?

Opened, but not so opened roof itself, with a photographer in a very complicated position being able to take pictures. Credit goes to Gene for a picture of myself.

And one patriotic at the very end. There is a huge flag at the top of the building, quite well weathered I have to say. So just before packing and leaving after the sunset I couldn't resist not to take this photo against a perfectly colored dusky sky.


  1. JUST AMAZING Patrik! Thanks for your blog, I love it, I like every single article you post and I'm always looking for it!

  2. Wow! Great stuff Patrik! You never cease to amaze me!

  3. Thanks Erin! I'm glad to amaze you ;) And I'll be glad continue with it. See you soon!


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