let it snow!

Visiting my hometown Bardejov (very far north-east corner of Slovakia) during New year time - of course armed with our gears. As our new PPSOP.cz course about flashes is approaching, I can't miss any opportunity to flash around. We are opening on February 1st and myself and Bryan are thrilled to welcome you there!
And when is heavy snowing outside - that's the best occasion to pull out the flash and bring the snowflakes into a picture! Following shot was made straight in the camera.

It was really snowing heavily, but with a longer shutter speed you need for a twilight time picture, snowflakes wouldn't be visible. So during my 1 sec exposure I have fired my SB 900 (off the camera, triggered with Pocket Wizards and with amber gel on) at full power - and voilá - snowflakes are here ;)
Beautiful evening. Even it was 3rd of January, the air smell and looked completely like it was just a few days before the Xmas!
Nikon D7000, Nikkor 24-70mm at 32mm, ISO 250, F/6.3 @ 1 sec. Nikon SB-900 at full 1/1 power.

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