eiffel, part 6 - the last one (and the most postcard-ish one)

Enough teasing. Here it comes. The most classical Eiffel tower view, the most classical postcard shot. Something you HAVE to shot on your own, otherwise it doesn't count and you were NOT in Paris :) Well, mademoiselle Eiffel is very photogenic, no doubt about that. And her illuminated, curvy shape against a dusky, cloudy and colorful sky has no competition in Paris. So here I was. After playing enough with a carousel and flashes shots, I have finally arrived to Trocadero and I am fighting elbow to elbow with all other photographers and thousands (literally!) tourists to get the best available position. Keeping en eye (other one, which wasn't glued to the viewfinder) on roaming individuals who had a tendency to kick to my tripod (yeeah, and this is not something you want at the end of your 20 sec exposure! :)

Obviously - when is the best time to shoot a vertical picture? Right after the horizontal one!
And once you are there, milk the situation and try to get "close ups" and details.
 I've really enjoyed this evening and getting the maximum out of few minutes of the magic light, accompanied  by the master of the sunset sky - the FLW filter itself.
Howgh! End of the Paris Eiffel series ;)

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  1. Be careful. The lightened Eiffel Tower at night is protected by copyright laws. If you do not have a permission, you might get in trouble here.

    Here are some more infos:


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