Seoul, South Korea (around the world; revisited)

I have spent fair share of my time travelling, literally around the world. Many of those trips happened before this yummy and fresh blog has been established. In the past I have shared some of them with closer friends (and of course with Monika, she BTW inspired me to start revisiting older albums). Some of those pictures taken around the world are part of my web albums, however many of them were never properly introduced, edited and shared as they would deserve. And frankly, I like them. Yeah, I am quite proud of them. So as of today I am opening a new, unscheduled serie, called very creatively "Around the world" and I will bring back some of my trips to more or less exotic places.

Today I am returning back to Seoul, South Korea. Did you know, that 99% of cars in Seoul are either black, white or gray/silver? No kidding. To spot even a blue car is very unusual, overall any colorful car is either orange taxi, or Red Bull promotional vehicle. As I didn't have a lot of time to go roaming and shooting, I have just visited a monk's monastery park near my hotel. Without any specific purpose, just to observe... And apart being positively surprised by seeing colors again I also had  a very peaceful time in the middle of the super busy city (second biggest city in the world, did you know that?) I was also lucky enough to get few nice shots, which will always remind me how in June of 2010 I have changed my attitude to South Korea from not a real fan to very likey... Truth to be told, food and very nice people had a lot to do with that.
PS: I miss kim-chi and bibimpa!!


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