Kiev in all colors (and only with a compact camera!)

Kiev, I do apologize. For my prejudice going there to expect a "little Moscow". Kiev, you are nothing like Moscow, you are much better! Full of colors, green areas, less rush, less traffic and a much more smiles.
It is funny to realize, that I have travel all around the world, but I haven't visited country which is neighboring my home country.

And I also did an experiment. As Monika needed my the most favorite travelling lenses for her sessions, I've decided to travel only with my compact Leica D-LUX4. And it was a fantastic experience! Leica allowed me to shoot in RAW, to shoot in a manual mode, but the most important fact was, that I had no choice of lenses. So I have to milk the situation with what I had. Obviously, that means, I was more in a "street photography" mood, which was a good decision when you get to places like Saturday's flea market or one of the thousands churches in Kiev. Enjoy!

Yes! This is a "ticket" to Kiev's metro! :)

Garage sales as I know from US are nothing compare this. You can buy here things you wouldn't believe!

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  1. I absolutely fell in love with that rusty old car, I really hope you'll have it for me as a present from Kiev! ;-)

    I love your work and your travel street photography! You have a great eye for that, no doubts.


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