cessna got it right! (alaska part 8)

If you want to see the beautiful mountains and awesome glacier in Alaska, then the proper way is to rent a Cessna and to go. Flying was surprisingly cheap and for hour and half we got amazing views over the area with all the snowy mountains and glacier. Definitely worth it!
Two great findings: 
a) I can't recall the last time I was boarding the plane without security control and without ID...
b) pilot let me control the plane for a moment and I was flying! Super cool! ;) Miňo - eat that! ;D

And yes! That is authentic picture! I was actually copiloting. Our pilot  let me play for a while with the "steering wheel" and you know what? I was actually flying and controlling the plane! Pretty freaking awesome :)

Guy in the middle is our pilot (and I was his copilot!)

And one selfie video - this can't be missing! ;)

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  1. So cool!!! Awesome shots, wow wow wow! Lucky me I didn't now about this Cessna before, honestly, it would freak me out!! :)


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