workshopping - and for a great reason

My dear Monika came with a great idea. To offer a quick 4 hours workshop for a beginners who still dare to switch from a full automatic to a manual mode on their DSLRs. But the best part of this great idea was, that "fee" will be donated to somebody who needs it - little Danik would benefit out of it.

It took her only a few hours to fulfill 7 offered spots and during our stay in Prague we met on Saturday early morning with great and enthusiastic photographers. Not even a heavy rain stopped this short but intensive event to happen ;) And after a quick update on balance of  "the photography triangle" we were freezing action, implying motion, panning, zooming - and jumping (for a group photo).
And just a short gallery of our trials taken during a workshop.
PS: Big thanks to all participants for their passion, and for supporting Danik. At the end we've collected 3.000 CZK.

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