flash ...off the camera!

While roaming in Seoul's old part of town I've found this interesting pattern - bunch of wooden sticks. Initial frame just simply filled with sticks was pretty OK, but I've tried to find a way how to make it a bit more appealing. And here's the final one, using two simple - but very effective techniques.

First - I've broken the pattern with something visually different. In this case I've inserted a piece of plastic rose (looks pretty fresh, huh? ;) from a nearby store "decorations". But still not dramatic enough to my taste as you can see below. Midday overcast light didn't help too much, pretty dull, right?
So, as a second improvement, I've added a strong sidelight using my beloved flash SB-900 - flashing OFF the camera, just a less than meter away. And voilá! Which one do you prefer more? I definitely like more the one above ;)

Taking your flash off the camera is super easy. All new digital Nikon cameras and flashes will allow you to shoot without Pocketwizard or similar radio controlled tools, just staying in the visible distance to camera. Give it a try. If you have any issues, shoot me an email, I'll be glad to help and guide! ;)
Ahoj! Patrik

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