he and she - project 52 | week 12

He and She.... There are a lot of ways how to express those two. Funny enough, even though they are complementing each other, photography shortcut is to express them through the opposites...
And that was the same case here. We are complementing each other with Monika. She came with the artistic idea, I have recreated it.
Her lovely shoes, in which all of them she looks so sexy (ok, fluffy crocs might be the exception) and his two pairs which will cover majority of the situation...

Nikon D800, Nikkor 24-70 @ 42mm, f/9 @ 1 sec, ISO 100

On a Ona... Existuje veľa spôsobov ako vyjadriť týchto dvoch. Ale napriek tomu, že sa navzájom dopĺňajú, tak fotografické klišé je vyjadriť ich pomocou protikladov.
A presne tak to bolo aj s touto fotografiou. Navzájom sa s Monikou dopĺňame. Ona prišla s kreatívnym nápadom a ja som ho previedol do výsledného záberu.
Jej nádherné topánky, v ktorých vyzerá tak sexy (ok, tie chlpaté crocsy budú asi budú výnimkou) a jeho dva páry topánok, ktoré pokryjú väčšinu potrieb...


  1. It's your empty shelves that makes the point strongest

    1. Thanks Chris! Well, I can tell you, there would be enough shoes in the house two fill those remaining shelves. And it wouldn't be mine... but that's exactly where I wanted to make a point! ;)


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