100 decibels neighbors (aka invasion of cicadas)

Well, they are everywhere. At the beginning we only noticed empty ugly shells at the trees. Then first ugly bugs. Then disturbing noise, lately changing to unbearable noise! There are thousands of them only in our garden. Millions in our area. Cicadas  As we googled out on wikipedia, they are digging out from the ground every 13th years (!), they are more or less harmless, and they'll live only a few weeks. In the middle of the July they should be gone. OK, but they are still extremely ugly and when one of them will sit on your shoulder.... ghrrrrrr!
But we have to give them a bit of the credit. They are beautifully colorful and kinda photogenic. Especially under a macro lens. PS: Now we know where Aliens and Sigourney Weaver got inspiration for their mutual friend! ;)
PS: updated with a "behind the scenes" picture.

And this is a behind the scenes shot. "Studio" has been built inside, as even a slight wind made cicada very blurry. To our surprise, one of the two model was so shocked, that hold still for almost a 10 minutes!


  1. Od: miška,oliver,babka, dedko (práve z družstevnej na dvore): brrr, to musí byť teda hluk... a nehovoriac o tom, že keby mi sedeli na ramene, asi stále kričím a strasie ma... jáájj, nikomu z nás sa teda vôbec nepáčia. A vy tiež musíte vidieť všetko a trafiť práve ten 13-ty rok?! :D

  2. Noooo, to my sme si podla toho vyberali, ze kedy pojdeme do STL, najprv sme si zistili, ze kedy sa to tu vyroja a potom sme si povedali, "tak ok", mozme ist ;)


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