water sculpturing

We've got about an year ago a cool photo tip for a very bright sunny day. And this weekend was the right time and conditions to try it out. So we set up an outdoor studio and started to craft our sculptures. A little bit of playing (OK, a lot of selection and then a little bit of playing) in the PS in the evening - and here it comes - our BATTLE OF THE TITANS! ;)

Set up was actually pretty easy. White background, black surroundings (to get that nice black edges) - as you can see at the photos below. What you cannot see (as I've already packed it) was the camera on the tripod. Camera setup at f11, shutter speed 1/4000 (very bright day, I told you! :), ISO 200 (as low as possible). Monika was splashing and "moving" water (directly from the hose or throwing water around from the bowl, creative opportunities are endless) and I was shooting in continuous mode...  Battle of the titans is then composite of three different splashes. 
Credit and thanks for inspiration to photojojo.

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