lights and curves

Experience with a real (I mean now hired and paid) model. Blonde one was from Russia, being in US for about three weeks, barely speaking English, so with my poor level of broken Russian I was able to navigate her. And for those who will immediately ask - no, my significant one wasn't with me and yes, she knew what I'm going to shoot! I was actually with a bunch of other photographers, including women too! ;)
Cool experience with lights, flashes, pocket wizards, remotes etc...!

And believe or not, this one is 14 years old! She was with her mum, being her guardian, agent and supporter whole the time.

Same Russian girl as the one above, now with her face too...


  1. no teda ... nikdy nevyzerajú na 14. Asi až ked asi otvoria pusu, či?? :D
    A mamina ju teda podporuje, len čo je pravda... hmm...

  2. Great job with the light and flash Patrik! I LOVE first one, perfect pose and it goes super good with black background. I would crop the second one differently {and you know that :} but still great angle and colors. Did you use the flash with the orange flash gel behind the girl on the third one?

  3. Yeah, cropping is always a matter of a personal taste, but point taken :) {and especially when it is in the mustache type brackets!}
    And yes, you've got it right, it is the orange gel on the flash behind my Russian friend...


  4. a pre michaelu - fakt som najprv otvoril ja pusu, ked povedala, ze ma 14, vyzerala fakt aspon na 18-19. Este pridam zopar dalsich fotiek neskor, kde vyzera o dost, ale o dost starsie... Kam ten svet speje ;)

  5. Patik a nejako spatne to nevies? ...ze by som Ti ja isla za modelku a Ty by si to tak odfotil, ze by som vypadala na osemnást??? :-D


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