korean backlight

Back in Korea in May I have been playing a bit with my flash, especially when used off the camera.
I was the most curious to use it as a backlight with an orange gel to simulate sunset (or sunrise if you want).
After a several trials with my fellow friend and "two legs voice activated assistant" Andrew I've identified one Korean teenager in front of the huge shopping mall, with a quite long and curly hair, to really let the backlighted flash effect stand out.


She was super surprised, properly teenagerly giggling all the time (that's why I do not have any picture without tongue out ;), but she was braved enough and dedicated me with her girlfriend above 2-3 minutes ;)
This one above is the one I like the most, mainly due to the fact how the flash really did the sunset effect.

And  just one additional, confirming the giggling part of my story...

PS: Notice her hand? It's not a scarce, it's mark of lipstick trials! What else to do with a teenage girl in the shopping mall, right? ;)

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