limited, but so colorful lights!

Yes, of course I'm talking about a very specific source of light - fireworks. Actually, there is not a better time and the place in a whole world then to be on 4th of July in US...

We packed our kids and Monika throw to our van our gears too and we've got to our favorite place with a spectacular view to our local firework show. At the end we finished with the only one composition, as kids were pretty amazed, so we preferred to enjoy this entertainment rather with them. However, even only one single composition rewarded us with a few nice soooo classical shots ;) Enjoy!

BTW - I can't take whole credit for all pictures, we were both either enjoying kids or capturing this source of light, so (c) patrik and monika! ;)

PS: During a summer you might get close to some fireworks, so here's my setup, which I've tried already in Singapore and got as a tip via newsletter (sign up, it's always full of great tips!)

  • Secure your camera to your tripod
  • Use your remote or cable release
  • Set your camera in manual mode
  • Set your ISO to 100
  • Set your exposure to 4 seconds
  • Set your aperture to f/11
  • Set your lens to manual and then to infinity focus
PS2: And sooo unfortunately, I've got this additional great tip for cool creative way of shooting fireworks on 5th of July from a son of my colleague - but I'll be trying for sure next time!


  1. Pekne fajrwrky ... :) Vsetky su dobre, ale prvy najlepsi! B.

  2. Nuz, aj nam sa prvy lubi najviac, preto sme ho dali na samy zaciatok ;) Kujeme za pochvalu...! ;) Kedy bude najblizsi fajrwrk v okoli BJ alebo BA? Ahooooj...


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