go low and go wide

You might know that not only photography, but also pets are my passion.
So my dream opportunity is to take a picture of pets, right? Right!

I didn't hesitate a moment when I've got an invitation to shoot cool and fun pet event! Apart a great photo journalist job I was proud to take few shots, which I've found interesting from the photography point of view.
I'll share more later on (maybe ;), but today let me show you this beauty. Taken with my favorite very wide angle lens Tokina 11-16mm, set at 16mm I've literally put the camera on the ground and did few "blind shots". You can call it luck, or a purposefully trying to get those legs into a frame, but hey - one of them worked out! ;)
Very wide and very low perspective - and instead of apx 30-40cm (12-16 inch) buddy you'll get on your screen Irish Wolfhound of its typical 80cm (or an about 32 inch for my twelve fingers friends ;)
Cool, huh?! :)

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  1. This is SUPER COOL! Love it, love the angle and the expression! Perfect. monika


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