no post processing (aka FLW makes miracle)

Believe or not, but the picture below has not been edited at all. This is "from the camera" shot. No Photoshop, no editing, no playing with sliders of white balance and contrast, no HDR... I'm dead serious.

Formula is actually pretty simple.
1) wonderful panorama of always photogenic Prague's castle
2) right timing, just a few minutes before the sunset
3) and a little miracle called FLW filter

Bryan had push me already several times to try to shoot sunset with FLW filter so I knew, that difference would come, but again I was surprised to compare with and without shots. Below you can see the very same composition done just a 5 minutes earlier with completely same set up and difference is so obvious! OK, a picture below is missing those wonderful arch lights below the Charles's bridge, as they just turned them later on... but you must admit, that the mood, colors and mainly that beautiful sky and structure of the clouds is incomparable. And again - NO, none of the pictures has been altered in any way.
So, get yourself one FLW filter, and keep it in your bag. You'll maybe use it twice a year, but than the result will worth it! ;)

PS: And yes, of course, you can get the "same" effect later in Photoshop playing with white balance and contrast. But why bother, when you can get it almost perfectly right in the camera? And what does the FLW stands for? Its original purpose was a bit different, and started back in the film era... FL-W filter is used to balance daylight film under Warm white or white type Fluorescent Lamps. And here comes FLW...


  1. Uf, dobre, fakt. Nejaky mam doma, musim vyskusat! :)

  2. no normalne na neuverenie, že sú to kvázi "rovnaké" zábery... kukám ako puk! Wáááw, to si musím naštudovať ten FLW filter, keďže som o ňom počula prvýkrát. Ak si chcel niekeho inšpirovať, tak u mňa to zapracovalo výborne!! ;)

  3. I just ordered one of those filters and will sure be glad to have it in my bag. What a stunning difference.


  4. I'm glad you like it Debi! Same here, when I saw it first time, I was amazed too ;)


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