ghost in red

  So here I am, shooting at one beautiful castle, very intrigued by an old carriage. Cool shot with a nice background. Everything is OK. But then in the evening when I've dumped pictures from my memory card to a laptop - THERE SHE WAS! Abandoned, blood-thirsty lady, lost 2 centuries ago while hunting for a young and innocent men. She just popped up on my picture!
OK. OK, ok... Drama is over. ;) But the point is, that this picture is NOT a Photoshop multi-layer, hours intensive output. Again - believe or not - this is a direct shot, made in the camera. (I can say almost) without any editing, as the only post processing was a color correction to make the red dress really pop. But hey, that's it. Transparent, ghosty, "blood thirsty" duchess was exposed in old good, classical way... (more inside the article).

Old good, classical photographic way is to play with your shutter speed and setting up your exposure properly.
You just set your exposure to have 8 seconds exposure. Inside a dark castle it's actually an easy part. Following  magic exposure triangle I've got with ISO 200 my desired 8 seconds with an aperture set at f/14.
Then you ask your model to stand rock solid and you count your seconds loudly (so called mississippi-ly ;). After 5 seconds model have to run away from the scene (OK, with those heels to call it run is a bit overstatement). And that's it. 5 seconds in, 3 seconds out. And on the top of it a tons of fun with my other workshop mates, Monika and Bryan at one anonymous castle.

Whoooo whoooooo! Halloween is coming !!!

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  1. Love it Patrik, nice work. Thanks for explaining how you did it too.


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