ladies in red (aka tokyo's cemetery)

One of my "deviation" is that I really like visiting cemeteries... In my opinion it's a very very quiet place, where man will be remembered, how many things in life are really not not important (Memento, Homo, Quia Pulvis Es, Et In Pulverem Reverteris...). I love just a walk there, roam, read the tombstones, think of beloved ones who are not with us anymore - and it doesn't matter they might be resting somewhere else... Once actually I did jogging at a cemetery, as it was the nearest park with nice tracks near my hotel. I know, a bit sick, right? :) Anyway, during my November's trip in Tokyo when I've spent a half day walking with a camera, I was pretty tired, looking for a place to chill out and just by an accident I found a small tiny cemetery in the middle of the Shinjuku district.


First thing me I noticed immediately at the entrance was those statues with fascinating red decoration - old style hats and kind of bibs. I have no idea what does it mean or represent, but I would love to know. If you have any Japanese friend or family member who might know about it, please let me know! So I've just stayed there for more than hour and enjoyed companies of speechless ladies in red. There were few visitors coming and leaving, but either I looked really harmless or just too much "monkey", that nobody asked me to leave... BTW, once I have to tell you our (Albino and I)  Monkey story from Japan...

What is your "deviation"? And do you "like" cemeteries? Let me know! Patrik
PS: more pictures inside the article

Here I like a lot the effect of  saint glory. Back lightning with off the camera flash with the orange gel.

Very very sad black car parked inside the cemetery. Not exactly "hearse car", as it was a standard sedan type of car, but the pure black color, all the chrome very polished elements and the fact, that it was parked inside the cemetery.... Sad...

PS: Light at the end of the tunnel? Nope. Just the train passage near the cemetery ;)

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