project 52 | week 5 - opposites (1/2)

I should probably rename this post to "I will never become a pro pet photographer!" ;)
Silly me! I've asked my two colleagues in our pet friendly office (thanks again Sarah and David!) if I can photograph their lovely dogs Willis (bigger one) and Chocco (smaller one) for my Opposite theme. It shouldn't take more than half an hour... Ha! You bet!!! At the beginning, I've started with fixed 85mm lens and tried to give instructions to the owners, how I envision to get dogs posed! Ha ha! I quickly replaced lens for 24-70 zoom trying to get any snapshots... And after an hour spent with patient owners and their pets, which din't care about taking nice pictures, neither my 52 photo project, I was glad to take at least few panning shots towards the end... But hey, this one worth the effort, huh? ;)

Well, mission accomplished. They are opposites, right? ;) Thanks again Sarah and David. And of course Willis and Chocco!

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