lantern festival

Lantern festival in St. Louis Botanical Garden! What a splash of colors! And the worst part? I couldn't decide where to be during those magic 20 minutes, when the sky was so beautifully cobalt blue. Well, looks like I'm going to have one more trip there!
More info about Lantern festival can be found here.

By the way, white dragon you can see in the middle is about 20 meters (apx 25 yards) long and has been crafted from thousands and thousands of china porcelain plates, spoons and egg bowls! Porcelain has been imported in huge wooden boxes directly from China, together with about 20 Chinese specialists. They were knitting it together for a few weeks. Amazing!!


  1. AMAZING!!! thank you for sharing and inspiring others.

    1. Hi Joe! Thanks for comment. It was AMAZING place and I was just capturing it ;) I wish you could be nearby!

  2. Any tips of camera settings to capture great images at the festival?

    1. Hi Levi,

      sorry for a late reply, I was travelling. Hope you will still be able to capture lantern festival, or you have probably already taken a fantastic images...
      Anyway, for ALL my shots I have obviously used tripod and for the majority of shots I have used aperture between f/16 and f22. And then I have read the right exposure, pointing at the sky. So here's an examples:
      First one with the reflection in the water - ISO 200, f18, 10sec
      Budha - ISO 100, f18, 2,5sec
      Stars and the moon - ISO 400, f16, 1/2sec

      Hope this will help a bit.


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