i love motion

It is not a secret, that I love playing with my shutter speed, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to go the shoot carousels at city fair event in my home town over the last weekend. Then we end up 6 photographers together and we became main attraction of the evening with 6 tripods and big lenses playing around :)
We had tons of fun, we asked kids around to be our models and  they've enjoyed it a lot too.
Like for example this girl below. I do not her name - and if you know her - let her know I'm looking for her to send her pictures...

The other one was taken same evening, just a hundred meters away, but it's a clear prove, that the beautiful cobalt blue light last only few moments. Just walking there and setting up the tripod took us about 7 minutes.
And while color is still pretty nice, the magic of the sky is gone and pitch black is starting to take over.
Anyway, at least I know the name of this model with a blue umbrella and a sexy background! :)

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