project 52 | week 4 - letters

Ok, first weekly assignment on time! This week theme are "letters". And here are mines.

Actually still within my "being in love" theme of our anniversary week ;)
This romantic word is made same way as my favorite "light through" technique, but doesn't look so shiny as some other flowers - rose leaves are quite thick. Anyway, it still counts as "letters" and I still like to play with it. Here's how flowers with thin skin and thinner leaves look like:

Bryan's fans are familiar with this technique. It's actually white piece of plexi glass (semi-transparent plastic sheet), where you lay down your flowers (veggie, fruits, watches... go wild and go creative!) and you'll fire two flashes. One directly above and one located below the plexi glass. Bryan's "how to video" you can find at The Perfect Picture School of Photography page and a small example of my set up is here:

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