life's just a carousel

I've really enjoyed Christmas time with my family! With kids we've tried to have every day one little activity. Pictures below were taken during our rides at historic Carousel @ Faust Park. And it is again a small but firm evidence, that to carry on my point and shoot with me everywhere is priceless! While I've taken several documentary shots of our kids for a family album - I also had a time to switch my Leica also to manual mode and play few seconds with my favorite shutter speed. Would you like to have a ride with us? ;)

Both pictures handheld with Leica D-Lux 4 @  f/3.2 and 1/5 second.

Historic Carousel @ Faust Park is a great place by the way. Horses (and deer) are hand made carved and are almost hundred years old. Whole carousel was carefully restored in 80's and is maintained with love and care till today. If you are around, don't hesitate and go - see this link. $1 per ride...


  1. Akoze parada. A normalne som si pozrel celu slideshow na titulke, nedalo sa ... ;)

  2. Je to fakt carachovka! Navsteva Carousel vo Faust parku je na zozname veci, ktore s nami urcite pojdete pozriet - ked pridete na navstevu. ;)


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