project 52 | week 1 - happy, new or 12

In order to not become mentally dwarfed, or should I say photographically dwarfed -  I've accepted a challenge of my fellow photographer and I'm joining her Project 52. What is it? Similar to project 365, where you have to take one picture every day, but logically here you are supposed to take one picture per week. And BTW, there is a theme for every given week, which I may or I may not adhere every week. Let's see ;)
Oh yeah, and that fellow photographer is my dear better half of myself, my Monika and actually her idea inspired about 70 other photographers who joined her already. So I'll be sharing same theme every week with a pretty sizable community!
So here it comes, theme of the first week is: "HAPPY, NEW or 12". I go with "new" and picture is here.

Well, while it might look as a new galaxy has been born, don't get fooled ;) It's just Monika's new nail polish...
Together with my 105mm macro on tripod and side directed flash...
PS: Monika's approach to Project 52 can be found here.

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